Achieving Your Goals With Midland Therapy Services

12 Jul 16


It’s a mistake people make time and again. They set a goal – then, they aim for that goal. Which sounds like a good plan in theory, right?

But there is a key to achieving that goal and that’s in ‘chunking it down’. It’s great to have a goal, a dream, something you desire to achieve and it’s great to allow that bigger picture to spur you on. But when we go all out for something, it can lead to a sense of failure.

A good analogy for this would be learning a new language. We all want to be instantly fluent and having conversations like we were raised doing it. However, when we dive in and expect a chat in French immediately, we will be unable to communicate effectively and feel it’s pointless even trying, when we’re clearly no good at it. But what happens when we chunk it down, is we learn individual words, we learn plurals, we learn formal and informal and so on. Over time, it becomes easier to string a sentence together, be it very basic. But because we feel a sense of achievement from this it encourages us and inspires us to continue. Once we feel a sense of achievement the possibilities become endless! We want to learn more, we want to see what else we can learn and just how good we can be.

Hopefully, this is resonating with you, because we all feel it – that sense of impatience. However, when we want to achieve something, particularly something fairly challenging, we need to keep an eye on the bigger picture whilst focusing on small, achievable goals. Seeing only the final aim can be overwhelming and leave us feeling despondent and unable to achieve. Yet making just small changes through more simple goals will eventually lead us to that final destination.

Whether it’s changing thought patterns from negatives to realistic or positive thinking, whether it’s losing weight, even overcoming a fear; the key is to build it slowly. At Midland Therapy Services, this is a big part of living the life my clients desire. I won’t put anyone on a diet – it’s a seemingly ‘quick fix’, that’s hard work and many will find it too difficult to stick to, or will immediately put weight back on when they come off that diet. Instead, I encourage my clients to make lifestyle changes, gradually. The weight loss may be less rapid, but the weight stays off because the goals are achievable and the final destination, once reached, can easily be maintained. Likewise with fears and phobias – I never use flooding techniques, instead, we work together to explore stepping stones toward facing the ultimate fear of the client, one subtle step at a time.

So when people visit me for help with achieving their goals, we work on this via hypnotherapy and through setting small achievable goals, that promote changes in lifestyle and in thinking that gradually become habits. Hypnotherapy can be used to encourage, motivation, focus, patience and recognition of those small achievements along with working directly on the desired outcome, e.g. no longer desiring junk food, wanting to feel more positive.

Just making one simple change starts us on a journey that becomes challenging enough to remain interesting, but easy enough to remain inspired. No one expects to sit in a car and just drive it, we learn gradually, we build a foundation and we practice and challenge ourselves gently until it simply becomes a habit. If we do that to learn to drive, why not do it to learn to live the life you desire?