Dental Phobias and How We Can Help

05 Jan 15

Dental phobia, also known as odontophobia, dentophobia or dental anxiety is one of the most common phobias suffered in the UK. Around one in four people are struck down in terror at the very thought of a visit to the dentist.

Modern medical advances mean bad experiences from childhood can now be a thing of the past. Many dentists now, are sympathetic and even empathetic to the needs of their patients and every consideration is given to creating a more positive experience for the needs of the individual.

However, by the very nature of being a phobia, this alone may not be enough to tempt the fearful back into the dental surgery. Sedation is an option offered by some surgeries, but this can become costly over time and means the introduction of unnecessary medication into our bodies. Those with needle phobias may also feel the added stress of intravenous sedation.

Midland Therapy Services are fully aware of how serious and life-affecting this fear is for many. We offer clinical hypnotherapy in Wolverhampton for phobias as well as stress management interventions designed to help phobic patients confront and understand their fear and how to deal with it in a calm and controlled manner. Hypnotherapy sessions designed to create a sense of calm around visits to the dentist can be combined with sessions aimed at changing thought patterns around those fears. Thus transforming those thoughts into positive, realistic thought patterns making a visit to the dentist a calm and agreeable experience.

What makes our Wolverhampton hypnotherapy practice unique is that Midland Therapy Services are working closely with a local dental practice who excel at providing a positive environment geared toward supporting nervous patients through their dental visits.

Midland Therapy Services are delighted to announce our collaboration with Claregate Dental Practice based in Wolverhampton. This surgery is intent on creating a relaxing environment – staff are genuinely friendly and aware of how challenging a visit to the dentist can be. Every effort is made to put patients at ease.

So if you’d like to learn how to cope with the anxiety of a dental visit through clinical hypnotherapy and stress management techniques we are all on hand every step of the way. Please note, Midland Therapy Services do not use flooding techniques, we work at the pace of the individual. Sessions do not involve being in a dental treatment room, but when you decide you’re ready to take that step, we can arrange it, gradually and calmly. There is never any pressure, only support.

Please contact us via Midland Therapy Services or Claregate Dental Practice for a no obligation chat or to book an appointment.

*Overcome anxiety
*Build confidence
*Overcome bruxism
*Improve your health

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