Hypnotherapy for Holiday

11 Aug 17

It’s that time of year again. We’ve had some beautiful weather and thoughts are turning to holidays. Wouldn’t it be great to have a totally stress -free time feeling confident and relaxed? Midland Therapy Services can help with everything from fear of flying to beach confidence using a combination of hypnotherapy and conscious interventions such as CBT.

Holidays can bring stress for many, the flight being a challenge for those who fear flying. There are various reasons why some have aerophobia or a fear of flying. It may be a past experience or claustrophobia, but quite often it’s a fear of crashing, the sensation of turbulence or simply that feeling of not being in control. At Midland Therapy Services, I’ve seen many clients who desperately want to go abroad but are terrified of flying. Some book the holiday and endure the immense stress of getting to their destination only to have to go through it all again to come home. Doesn’t exactly sound like a relaxing well earned break. It’s worth noting that the fear is not being caused by the situation, but by the thoughts you are having about the situation. We create the fear. Therefore we can change the thought and ease the fear. Simple.

Of course, it does take some effort, hypnotherapy is a marvellous tool for overcoming any fear, but when we work on the conscious as well as the subconscious we can create far more effective results. Sessions involve working on those thoughts consciously through CBT, NLP and mindfulness techniques alongside hypnotherapy. A combination of the solid foundation of hypnotherapy in conjunction with valuable tools the client can take away gives the client a sense of control over their fear.

The same techniques are applied for that other common fear for travellers – bugs. No exotic hotel room is complete without a visit from a huge bug or spider. Wouldn’t it be nice to not dread that moment? Wouldn’t it be nice to calmly be able to pop a glass over said bug or spider and gently pop him outside? When we change our thoughts, we change our feelings and behaviour. Hypnotherapy can be used to support the conscious effort in making those changes.

Another area some dread is disrobing on the beach or at the pool. There is huge pressure on us all to look like the airbrushed beauties and hunks on TV. This impacts hugely on confidence for many. So how can we help? Some clients just need a confidence boost – to value themselves more, to appreciate themselves. Hypnotherapy can help us feel better about ourselves, it can also help us worry less what others think of us. Confidence in itself is an attractive feature, helping us feel more attractive to ourselves as well as others.

Some may feel the need to lose a few pounds or manage their weight. Hypnotherapy is a great way to help ease those cravings and encourage us to want to eat healthier. This in turn makes us feel good about ourselves regardless of weight loss. Eating well helps us feel well and when we feel good, we look good. There’s also all those tempting foods and drinks once relaxing in the sun and it’s easy to feel tempted to consume in a way we wouldn’t at home. Wouldn’t it be a shame to pile too many extra pounds on, but equally, isn’t it a shame to feel denied of those foods we desire when we’re enjoying a break? When the subconscious mind is accessed through hypnotherapy, some great suggestions can be absorbed making those tempting foods simply not that tempting anymore. This means there’s no sense of ‘missing out’, meaning a healthy diet can be followed easily allowing us to return from holiday feeling just as good about ourselves as before we went. When we change our attitude towards foods we see as ‘treats’ we just don’t feel the need for them anymore, so we can follow a healthy lifestyle with little effort.

So why not tackle those fears and concerns before heading into the sun and enjoy your holidays in a relaxed and content state of mind?