How Midland Therapy Services Use Hypnotherapy For Fears and Phobias

20 May 16

Feel the fear and do it anyway! It’s a very helpful book and an inspiring phrase to apply in life. When I use hypnotherapy to help people overcome fears and phobias, it may well remove the sense of fear for some. For others however, the journey to facing fears may be more about learning to accept the fear, but face it anyway. There are things in life none of us enjoy or want to do and our resistance to those things – our thoughts around certain activities, are what holds us back and we create fear around those things with our thought processes.

It’s human nature to resist unpleasantness, but when there is no getting away from something, finding ways to face those situations is key. Learning to acknowledge the thoughts that come into our mind around those situations, then changing the thoughts for something more realistic can ease anxiety. Becoming mindful of our feelings and rather than resisting them, accepting them can also be beneficial. It’s ok to feel scared or nervous, we don’t have to wipe those feelings out to face a fear. When we accept it and decide we will ride through it and face the fear, we begin to realise it wasn’t nearly as scary as we thought it might be. But we can only realise this once we experience what we thought the scary situation actually is. Staying in that moment and seeing it through regardless of how scared we are is the ultimate proof that we can do it!

The key is riding through those fearful feelings and not quitting before we see our challenge through. When we quit halfway, we reinforce the sense of fear.

We all want to avoid unpleasant feelings such as fear, but sometimes all we need to address is how to deal with the fear. At Midland Therapy Services, I use CBT and NLP to assist clients in creating new neural pathways. Learning to spot errors in thinking (which we all have), thoughts that are creating a feeling of fear and techniques to replace those thoughts with more realistic ones. This is supported with clinical hypnotherapy to embed these new thinking habits subconsciously. I also use hypnotherapy to encourage feelings of confidence and courage, allowing the client to see their abilities to face their fears and to remain calm when doing so.

Even if a fear cannot be ‘removed’, there are ways hypnotherapy and other interventions can be utilised to make dealing with those feelings acceptable.

Naturally, this can feel like a huge challenge, which of course it is! But a challenge is there to be met and once we face something and survive, over time this huge, terrifying situation becomes easier and easier to deal with. So start small – pushing a small, achievable boundary that causes some fear soon becomes second nature. Then we can step it up a notch and push the boundary further, then further still. When we face something often enough, it soon loses its fear. We know we can do it, we know we can face whatever we are afraid of and in time the fear begins to diminish.

Soon we realise it wasn’t the situation that scared us, it was our thoughts around that situation that created the fear.