Overcome Your Fear of Spiders With Hypnotherapy.

24 Aug 15
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It’s the time of year arachnophobes dread. Autumn is when spiders start heading indoors looking for somewhere warm and dry to mate. Most comments I hear from those with a spider phobia is that it’s the big house spiders that evoke most terror.

I sincerely empathise. I was arachnophobic for years and it was clinical hypnotherapy that put me on the road to overcoming that fear. I would hyperventilate, cry, panic and shake at the sight of a spider. I even seriously considered moving house on one occasion when someone trying to catch a huge spider to put out for me ‘lost’ him! Now, I’m happy to share my home with them, although I’m happier putting the really big ones out if it’s possible. Should I ‘lose’ one, it no longer causes me a terrible panic.

It’s a dreadful fear as there’s no way of avoiding spiders, they tend to come to us! It’s hugely stressful and autumn in particular is a terrifying time for any arachnophobe. Having had three consecutive nights with visits from three huge spiders one autumn some years ago I’d had enough. I was scared in my own home and dreaded entering a room: I was hyper-vigilant, on high alert, bug catcher in hand, checking around like a sniffer dog onto a scent! Not exactly relaxing in ones own home is it?

So I sought help with hypnotherapy and what a difference! One session was not enough, but it put me on the road to recovery. Follow up sessions and self-help now mean I can say “I’m not scared of spiders”. That’s a huge statement for me to make considering my history.

I have taken everything I learned from my own personal experience in overcoming arachnophobia to now help others with their fear. At Midland Therapy Services, we do not use flooding techniques, I would never even suggest bringing a spider into a session for someone to ‘confront’. I utilise various techniques to rewire neural pathways consciously and subconsciously. We so often embed more deeply the very things we desire to change through our thoughts, for example, when we say we’re afraid of spiders we reinforce that neural pathway and strengthen that fear. Embedding positive suggestions subconsciously through clinical hypnotherapy teamed with conscious rewiring through NLP and CBT is a great combination for relieving the fear.

So why live in dread? Why not contact me to find out how Midland Therapy Services can help you overcome that fear?