Overcoming Your Fears with Midland Therapy Services.

29 Apr 15

Fear can be a debilitating psychological condition – it holds us back from achieving goals, from doing the things we’d like to do and enjoying our lives to their fullest.

Whilst some fear is wise, such as not touching a hot iron or crossing the road when there’s a car fast approaching: most fears are fabricated in our minds and allowed to become so real they can take over whole areas of our lives. Most people are afraid of something – this is not uncommon and some fears may seem illogical, but to the sufferer, it’s real and can terrify or repel them even if they don’t know why.

There is nothing to be ashamed of!

It takes a brave, strong person to admit something scares them. Admitting it is the first step to overcoming whatever is affecting your life adversely. Sometimes, it takes a dramatic confrontation of a fear to decide ‘enough is enough’, for others, it’s a gradually increasing sense of dread accumulating in not feeling you have the energy to continue fighting against a fear. Whatever brings you to the decision to face a fear, it’s a step toward freedom and living a more satisfying life.

There are fears that are easier to avoid than others of course – whilst a fear of baked beans is distressing, not ordering beans is a good way to avoid the trigger. If the fear is of something more unpredictable and beyond any control, such as spiders, this can create a hugely stressful way of life, I know this, as I used to be arachnophobic.

Fears can cause hyperventilation, panic attacks, terror, screaming, crying and a whole host of other distressing reactions. But what is heartening to realise is that whatever we have learned in terms of reinforcing our fears, can be unlearned.

At Midland Therapy Services, based in Wolverhampton, we use a combination of clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, mindfulness and CBT to help the sufferer move forward fearlessly. Working on the subconscious via clinical hypnotherapy is a powerful tool – particularly when fears have become so entrenched in our psyche that we don’t know any way to react to a stimulus other than fear. Changing our conscious thoughts though CBT and NLP can support us in creating new ways of thinking and of seeing, therefore changing how we feel about what had previously terrified us.

Why let fear rule your life and your emotions? Why not take control of your reactions and feel a sense of empowerment, freedom and control instead of vulnerability and distress? Mindfulness helps us acknowledge and understand how we are feeling- this, in turn can support us in moving toward facing that fear calmly. Only then do we realise the thoughts surrounding the fear are far more scary than the reality.

Midland Therapy Services never use flooding techniques – we believe in moving at a pace that suits the individual in helping them gradually feel free from fear. This is a process that is always in your control and we support you all the way to discovering your new, more satisfying way of life.