Relaxation For Care Workers

14 Feb 18


Care workers pamper time is now available! At Midland Therapy Services, we see how hard staff work in day services and in residential care. Kerry visits various centres when working with users of their services and customers and has seen over the years just how hard they work. This has inspired us to now offer relaxation sessions for staff. Mini massages are now available on site for staff to allow them to take some time out and relax from the stresses of the day. It is well documented that relaxed, happy staff are more productive. So why not boost your productivity whilst thanking them for their hard work and booking regular relaxation time that benefits everyone? This is a great way to show your appreciation for the hard work they do.

We are all affected by the moods of those around us. When someone is tense or stressed we pick up on it. This can impact detrimentally on co workers and anyone in the care of that individual. When we are calm and relaxed, those around us pick up on that and they too become more calm. Caring for others can be stressful and demanding, but now there is an opportunity to enhance the services you offer by taking even better care of your staff.

Sessions can be tailored to the individual and involve Indian Head Massage, stress management techniques and guided visualistions / meditations.

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