Sports Performance Hypnotherapy

19 Feb 15

A great mantra for runners – ‘Hills make me stronger’.

Now, I accept that at the time it’s easier to think ‘Hills make me tired’ but keeping focused on the former can turn a good run into a great run. Attitude is everything in many aspects of life – in sports performance it keeps the body and mind on top form.

Whilst I realise there is no getting away from the competitive nature in sport, I advocate more the focus on being the best YOU can be. Beating others brings its rewards but little compares to achieving a personal best. Knowing you have given as much as you can in that moment is priceless. That feeling, knowing you have improved your speed, your technique, your swing, your focus…. That moment when perfect equilibrium of mind and body are recognised, achieved, fulfilled, brings a sense of both peace and exhilaration whatever sport you choose.

Of course the more focused you are on being the best you can be, the more likely you are to give your competitors a run for their money too. Plus when we are focused on ourselves we are less distracted by our competitors too, thus enhancing our own performance further.

Sports performance hypnotherapy at Midland Therapy Services in Wolverhampton can be utilised to improve sports performance, for motivation and for focus. When hypnotherapy which works on embedding positive suggestions into the subconscious mind are teamed with the deliberate focus of the conscious mind it creates a winning combination. Improve your belief in yourself and what you can achieve through conscious and subconscious suggestions tailor-made to your needs.

People say it’s the taking part that counts, not the winning. I would say it’s the sense of reaching your peak performance that makes the blood, sweat and tears all worthwhile. This is not about other people and what they achieve, it’s about getting out there and doing whatever you choose to do. It’s about being the best you can be and doing it with passion.