Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Telford & Wolverhampton.

08 Sep 15

Stoptober is almost upon us, what better time of year is there to consider the most effective way to stop smoking and become healthier and better off?!

Most of my clients tell me how it’s such a stigma these days to be smoking, not like years ago when it was considered ‘cool’. Now people are aware of the health implications, the cost, the smell and the inconvenience.

Giving up smoking isn’t always easy, cigarettes are addictive, they’re also highly toxic. When you consider that ammonia is added to cigarettes to enhance the kick of already highly addictive nicotine, it’s no wonder so many people need help in quitting.

Stopping smoking with hypnotherapy is becoming more and more popular as people realise how effective it can be. It’s simply about connecting the subconscious with the physical body – letting the body know it no longer needs or craves cigarettes. For some it is about the addictive nature of the chemicals in cigarettes, for others it can simply be the habit. That first cigarette in the morning, or with a drink, because that’s what you’ve become so used to doing. It’s giving the hands something to do, familiarity, routine.

The myth they calm us down is also very commonly believed, but we know smoking raises our blood pressure and does in fact create more stress in the body. It is purely a psychological belief that smoking is calming. The power of the mind is, well, powerful! Therefore smoking cessation hypnotherapy can be used to embed into the subconscious mind the knowledge that smoking doesn’t help us relax, it can break the wiring that created that belief, making it easier to break the habit.

No guarantees can ever be made by anyone, but at Midland Therapy Services, good results have been achieved for those looking to stop smoking with hypnotherapy. It’s a two hour, one off session and of course the beauty of hypnotherapy is suggestions can be embedded ensuring food doesn’t replace smoking so there are no side effects such as weight gain to worry about. The whole hypnotherapy process is relaxing, encouraging and positive.

When under hypnosis, you are always in control and no one can make you do anything you don’t want to. Therefore, you need to be committed consciously to wanting to give up smoking. When the conscious and sub conscious minds work together through hypnotherapy, it can create effective results.

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